In SOLINCA health clubs there are teams committed to ensuring that your health, well-being and fitness are real. Duly monitored training and exercises worked to achieve its objectives take place in Clubs designed to ensure comfort, accessibility and relaxation.

Our residents and Smart Studios employees benefit from special conditions at SOLINCA health clubs:

  • Offer of the registration fee;
  • Peak hours: € 9.99 per week;
  • Off-Peak schedule: € 6.99 per week;
  • Cardio / weight room, group classes, free pool, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath;
  • Access to all Solinca in Portugal, excluding Solinca Laranjeiras;
  • 11 Nutrition Consultation at the club per month;
  • Initial Physical Assessment and definition of the training plan;
  • Possibility to purchase a card with 10 entries with a cost of € 49.90 (summer accommodation period).

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