Welcome to our residence Laranjeiras

The residence address is Estrada das Laranjeiras nº 237 a 239B, 1600-134 Lisbon.

Main Contacts Smart Studios Team:
Commercial Team: commercial@smartstudios.pt
Suporte/Back Office: info@smartstudios.pt
Maintenance Team: help@smartstudios.pt

Laundry Room:
The residence has a laundry room – located at the backyard. There you will find the washing and drying machines as well the housekeeping cleaning supplies (such as iron, vacuum cleaner, etc) to be used by all residents.
The instructions for using the machines are affixed to the wall.
The machines have a cost of 3.50€ to wash and 1.50€ to dry. Please keep in mind that the machines do not give change and payment should be the last step.

Super Fast Wi-Fi:
Wi-Fi network: Laranjeiras
Wi-Fi password: laranjeiras2016

Each resident is responsible for their own waste and will have to put it in the public containers located in the backyard.

QR Code:
You must scan the QR CODE displayed in the residence to join the residence’s WhatsApp group

At the residence surroundings you can find the following points of interest: