Smart Studios
Asprela, Porto

Bookings between September 2023 and August 2024

Please be advised that Studios reservations for this residence, between September 2023 and August 2024, are subject to a waiting list. If you want to book within these dates, please fill in the form on this page.

NOTE: No payment is required to join the waiting list. The usual deposit and booking fee payments will only take place after confirmation of booking by our team.

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See also the Complements page to add the equipment, utensils or services you deem necessary.
In case of doubt, consult our FAQ’s or Contact our sales team.
We accept stays with a minimum period of 5 months for this residence. If you are a student, the paid down payment will be fully refunded, upon proof that you were not admitted to the University.
Down Payment: Only the payment of a deposit that is equal to the value of a monthly fee. Afterwards, after check-in, you will have to pay the first monthly fee.

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Residence CoLiving Smart Studios Asprela, Porto.
Asprela’s university campus area, close to the McDonalds.
Residence with 243 studios furnished and equipped with air conditioning, kitchenette and private bathroom, between 15 m2 and 18 m2, spread over 5 floors. Of the total available studios, 5 will be adapted for residents with reduced mobility.
  • Furnished studios with kitchenette and private bathroom
  • Wi-Fi, Water and Electricity included in the monthly fee
  • Common space for coworking/study
  • Free use gym
  • Free fitness classes and events
  • Covered parking
  • Rooftop
In case of doubt, consult our FAQ’s or Contact our sales team.

    Booking conditions

    • Studio for Reduced Mobility €545 (only for people with reduced mobility)
    • Studio furnished from €549/month
    • 1 month minimum stay
    • The deposit paid will be 100% refunded in the event of cancellation by July 15, 2022 and/or in case you are a student and have not been admitted to the University, upon presentation of proof.

    For bookings between September 2023 and August 2024

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      Complement your booking with kits

      Textile kit, kitchen and cleaning service

      Do you need your room fully equipped, with cleaning service and ready to move in? Rent our global pack!

      Weekly service

      €129/month* Studio single bed
      €179/month* Studio double bed

      *4 services per month

      Kitchen Kits

      Dishware and kitchenware sets for one person. Acquisition values per kit.

      Individual Kit €59*
      Double kit €69*

      * acquisition values

      Textile Kits

      Set with bed and bath linen for one or two people. Acquisition values per kit.

      Individual Kit €109*
      Double kit €169*

      * acquisition values

      Cleaning services

      Don’t have time to clean your room? We have cleaning services for your single or double Studio.

      Monthly Service (1xmonth)

      €19/month* Studio single bed
      €29/month* Studio double bed

      Weekly Service (4xmonth)

      €76/month* Studio single bed
      €116/month* Studio double bed

      * Maximum service time: 1h for Studio single and 2h for Studio double

      these and many other benefits included.
      The common areas on the ground floor of the building, comprising a fully equipped common kitchen, a coworking space, two study rooms, a gym and two vending machines, promote a spirit of community and sharing among residents. The rooftop promises several moments of relaxation and conviviality, overlooking the surrounding area.
      For greater comfort and security, the residence will also have a reception and permanent surveillance, as well as 28 covered parking spaces, together with 3 for reduced mobility and 16 spaces for bicycles, and several charging points (domestic sockets) for electric vehicles.

      Private Studios and Common Spaces


      Located in the heart of the Asprela University Campus, home to 7 of the faculties that make up the University of Porto, the CoLiving Smart Studios Asprela Residence presents itself as the ideal solution for those looking for an accommodation solution based on a practical lifestyle and comfortable, where privacy is perfectly combined with community life.

      Talk to us. If you need more information, please contact our sales team.

      Residence address

      Est. da Circunvalação nº 8072
      4200-163 Porto